Life Changes

What do I keep? What do I let go of?

If you are facing a transition in life, you are in a unique position to ask yourself what to carry forward from your past, and what patterns and assumptions to possibly leave behind. In a time of uncertainty you may be encountering feelings you’re not sure how to handle or make sense of. You may wish to get to know yourself more fully, or live more intentionally. My expertise can help you make sense of how your family history and past experiences may be impacting you in the present.

Life experiences I can help with include: romantic break-ups, moving out, relocation for work or love, career stress or job changes, fertility, pregnancy and parenting, grief and loss, health concerns, and upsetting interpersonal strife.

Primarily I work with people in an open ended way to encourage exploration, discovery and growth. Sometimes transition and change means limited time in one place, in which case, I do work with people for short, intense periods.

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