Individual Therapy

Grounded in Psychoanalytic Theory

Therapy can be a journey of personal growth and a valuable process for transforming difficult emotions into meaningful experience. I work collaboratively with individual clients to to lessen experiences of anxiety and depression, to resolve long standing problems in relationships from a psychoanalytic perspective.

My specialty is helping people reduce generalized anxiety, which is that persistent, vague sense that something is wrong, the worry, the interrupted sleep, and racing thoughts. Maybe anxiety has always been around, or maybe it’s a new experience stirred up by academic work, career stress or parenting a small child. The ideal outcome of depth work aimed at reducing anxiety is acquiring a sense of security, a sense of well being in yourself, and health in family life.

Some of the issues I address regularly in therapy include:

  • family relationship difficulties
  • parenting / pregnancy / fertility
  • overwhelming emotions / panic / worry
  • adult ADHD symptoms
  • anger
  • eating disorders
  • career issues
  • stress regarding responsibility and independence
  • identity formation and change
  • grief
  • life transitions

My psychoanalytic perspective is a belief that all of us have deeply ingrained, unconscious, patterns of behaving and ways in which we view the world. These patterns may have been shaped by our childhood experiences and family life, by trauma, or unmet needs. Psychotherapy is a way of placing ourselves intentionally in the path of these patterns so we can gain a new way forward where before may have been distress and confusion.

William Faulkner wrote, “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”

Such a quote may stir up feelings of reluctance to look at the past, or acknowledge the impact of your own past on your present feelings. I think, however, the quote also hints at the richness and life to be discovered in the process of making meaning out of experience. Talk therapy is a way to match words with feelings. That narrative work changes our brains and opens up new possibilities for relating to others and ourselves.

To discuss your specific needs, please call 206-745-0292. I look forward to hearing from you.

 Daytime and evening appointments currently available.